Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ujoy Merc Storia: Make Good Use of Your Guild Resource

Guild is one of the most important systems in Ujoy’s Japanese style mobile strategic RPG Merc Storia. Not only will guild allow you to make more friends, joining a guild also provides you more support in battle. Guild facilities give players more bonus in terms of stats and abilities. In addition, guild war that is held regularly by guild leader is an intense battle that does much fun in game. Therefore, Ujoy would tell you how to make good use of your guild!
1. Character Ability Bonus

In general, players need to enhance and awaken characters in order to improve their stats and battle ability. However, with guild facilities, characters can be improved directly by the bonus effect that facilities provide after been built.
2. Battle Support
While encountering monsters that are too powerful to beat, guild will be your best backup! Players can request support by leaving messages on the chatting board of guild. Once some of the guild members notice your request, they can send characters to help and this would cost them 1 AP. Any there’s no need worrying about being wiped out while typing messages during battle as it will pause.
3. Guild War
It doesn’t matter if players don’t have too many strong characters to fight a guild war as they can exchange buff that increases guild war ability with BP.
Since guild is so important for players in Ujoy’s Merc Storia, making good use of your resource will definitely improve the gameplay. For more information, please visit these websites below.
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