Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Ujoy Merc Storia: Introduction to Daily Quests and its Rewards

In many games, daily quests are often one of the important ways of receiving rewards including items and experience. In Ujoy’s top 1 mobile strategy, daily quests will reward you with the materials needed for evolution and large amount of exp.

Evolution materials will be given by completing daily quests from Monday to Friday and the element category of material will depend on the day in a week. More importantly, the chance of dropping the material of the day will be much higher than usual time. So it could be the best way of collecting all kinds of material.
There are three difficulty options of daily quests, which consume a different amount of AP from players. The harder daily quests are the more AP is needed and the drop rate will be significantly increased in harder mode.
Apart from weekdays, daily quests will also be available at weekends. Instead of evolution materials, weekend’s daily quests will reward players with huge amount of coin and guild construction materials.
MondaySeed, Flower and Bud of Darkaward
TuesdaySeed, Flower and Bud of Fireaward
WednesdaySeed , Flower and Bud of Waterward
ThursdaySeed, Flower and Bud of Windward
FridaySeed, Flower and Bud of Lightward
WeekendCoins and guild construction materials
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